Statutes, Rules & Policies

General Statutes are an act of the legislature that authorize the creation of an environmental program (DEQ) and Environmental Management Commission (EMC). The EMC is directed to create the North Carolina Administrative Code (aka rules). Session laws are a collection of statutes enacted by a legislature during a single session of that legislature and may modify existing statutes. Policies and guidance documents are created to assist the public and regulated entities. Repealed rules are used only for determining the setbacks of previously permitted treatment/storage/disposal facilities. Facility setbacks are applied based on when the facility was originally permitted or modified.

Tab/Accordion Items

Use the tabs below to view General Statutes, Administrative Codes, Regulation Rewrite, Session Laws, Guidance Documents, Memorandums, and Repealed Rules.

§143-215.1 – Control of Sources of Water Pollution; Permits required

  • Requires permits for waste treatment systems
  • Includes construction and operation, modification, or expansion

§143-211 – Declaration of Public Policy

  • Authorizes the EMC to require and issue permits
  • Delegates permitting authority to the Divison of Water Resources (DWR)

House Bill 74 / Session Law 2013-413

  • An act to improve and streamline the regulatory process in order to stimulate job creation, to eliminate unnecessary regulation, and to amend certain environmental and natural resource laws.
  • Incorporation of 15A NCAC 02H .0400 requirements into the 15A NCAC 02T rules.