Groundwater Permit Process

Process Flow Charts

The following flow charts illustrate steps in the permitting process from application submittal to permit issuance.

Scoping and Submittal Meetings

Submittal meetings and scoping meetings provide an opportunity for applicants to discuss their project with appropriate review staff to present relevant scope and background information, ask questions about applicable rules and design critera, discuss innovative ideas and approaches, ask questions about the permitting process and timelines, and receive preliminary review comments on their design and application materials.

Scoping meetings can occur anytime during the design and planning stages and typically involve representatives from the owner and their consultant.  It is usually helpful to provide preliminary design information and site drawings for discussion purposes.  These meetings can help ensure applicable rules and design criteria are appropriately included in the final design documents and to get preliminary comments to identify possible issues related to permitting and approval.

Submittal meetings can either occur with the physical submittal of the application package documents or be scheduled at the time of submittal for a later date.  These meetings are most helpful when both the consultant and the owner are present to discuss any review comments and to provide necessary responses to questions.

To schedule a scoping or submittal meeting, please email Rick Bolich  or call 919-707-3671 at least a week before the desired meeting time.