Legislative Reports

Pursuant to S.L. 2019-250 Section 5.10 (a), Department of Environmental Quality legislative reports submitted on or after January 1, 2020 will be posted below.

Title Summary Report Date
Annual Litter Report

A report on litter enforcement, litter prevention, and litter removal efforts by the Division of Marine Fisheries.

Environmental Management Commission Annual Report

Report on the Commission's operations, activities, programs, and progress.

Oil and Gas Commission Annual Report

Report on the operation, activities, programs, and progress of the Oil and Gas Commission.

Report on the Implementation of Terminal Groin Legislation

Report on the permitting and construction of terminal groins as authorized by Session Law 2011-387.

January Coal Ash Quarterly Report

Quarterly report on DEQ's operations, activities, programs, and progress with respect to coal combustion residuals surface impoundments.

Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts Report

Annual status update for guaranteed energy savings contracts executed for state-owned buildings. The contracts evaluate, recommend, or implement energy conservation measures that result in guaranteed monetary savings. 

Comprehensive Energy, Water, and Utility Use Conservation Program Report

Biennial report on the program to manage energy, water, and other utility use for State agencies and State institutions of higher learning.

Utility-Scale Solar Project Decommissioning Report

Quarterly report on the implementation of the solar decommissioning requirements adopted in S.L. 2023-58.

Western Stream Initiative Grants Report

Report on projects funded through the Western Stream Initiative.

Water Infrastructure Fund Report

Consolidated report on the accounts in the Water Infrastructure fund.

Division of Mitigation Services Annual Report

Report covering implementation of Division of Mitigation Services (DMS) and use of the Ecosystem Restoration Fund, as well as an inventory of DMS properties.

Leaking UST Annual Report

Report on the Commercial Leaking Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund

Water Treatment Facility Operators Certification Board Report

Annual financial report and annual report of licensure metrics for the North Carolina Water Treatment Facility Operators Certification Board.

Surface Water Identification and Training Certificate Course Report

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Surface Water Identification Training and Certification Program and report of findings and recommendations.

Coastal Storm Damage and Mitigation Fund Annual Report

 Report on projects funded from the Coastal Storm Damage Mitigation Fund. 

Annual Waste Management Annual Report

Report on permitting, inspection, compliance, and accounting of activities for the Animal Feeding Operation program.

Bernard Allen Emergency Drinking Water Fund

Annual report on implementation of the Bernard Allen Memorial Emergency Drinking Water Fund.

October Coal Ash Quarterly

Quarterly report on DEQ’s operations, activities, programs, and progress with respect to coal combustion residuals surface impoundments. 

Combined River Basin Advisory Commission Report and Audit

Annual audit and report on the River Basin Advisory Commission.

Report on Individually Permitted Discharging Systems

Annual report on the status of facilities discharging into surface waters. Supplemental Excel spreadsheet also included.