Alternative Fuels and Vehicles

The United States and other nations are experiencing an energy crisis that is affecting many parts of our economy -- from jobs to housing and food. Increasing fuel prices are impacting most people's budgets, and our nation is sending billions of dollars a year to foreign countries to purchase the energy needed to keep our economy running.

This energy crunch has renewed interest in more fuel-efficient vehicles and vehicles that use fuel other than gasoline. Alternative fuels have been around for a long time, but they have not been used in significant quantities because of abundant gasoline supplies. Also, it is expensive to install the infrastructure to support fuels such as compressed natural gas (CNG), methanol and hydrogen. Thus, without a demand for these fuels, only a small number of alternative fuel stations are available to the general public.

To assist those considering the purchase of or conversion to an alternative-fueled vehicle, here are links to some web sites that contain a more information on the subject:

The U.S. Department of Energy provides information on the various alternative fuels available in today's market; conversions; directions to public stations that provide these fuels; and available state and federal incentives.

State and Local Government Only Accessible Natural Gas Stations

Town of Chapel Hill
6850 Milhouse Road, Chapel Hill 
Hours: M-F 8am to 5pm
Contact: Barry Lowry 919-969-5143
Payment: Make arrangements
Type: fastfill
City of Winston-Salem
650 Rams Way, Winston-Salem
Hours: M-F 6:15am to 11pm
Contact: Greg Craft 336-727-2277
Payment: Make arrangements
Type: fastfill

SmartWay is an Environmental Protection Agency program that reduces transportation-related emissions by creating incentives to improve supply chain fuel efficiency. It also provides basic information on Smartway approved cars and trucks. It offers funding assistance to freight carriers.

Another EPA site is a resource for the fuel economy of cars and trucks including alternatively-fueled vehicles.