Idle Reduction

What is idling?
An idling vehicle is one whose engine is running when it is parked or not in motion. Remember, when your car is idling, it is polluting our air.
Why is idling harmful?
Vehicle emissions are one of the main contributors toward poor air quality in North Carolina. Idling wastes money and natural resources. It can damage vehicles, pollute the air, and harm our health. Air pollution can cause asthma and other respiratory problems.
A few facts about idling
Drivers are the key to reducing harmful car emissions. By simply turning off your vehicle while idling (when not in traffic), you can help reduce air pollution. Thanks for the help!
What pollutants come out of the tailpipe when I idle? How much carbon dioxide do I produce by idling? Should I drive through or walk into a fast food restaurant. Will I get a ticket if I idle? More ...
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"Turn Off Your Engine" campaign 

This is a voluntary campaign aimed at protecting people's health and the environment, especially children and people with respiratory problems, by reducing vehicle emissions which are one of the main contributors to air pollution in our region. Learn how you can receive signs for parking lots and information for your organization or school.