School Recycling

Schools can play an important role as sources of recyclable materials. Effective school recycling programs can help enforce positive recycling behaviors in students and create lifelong recycling habits. Schools with savvy waste plans aren't just eco-friendly, they're budget heroes too! By adopting smart waste management strategies, they're not only helping the planet but also pocketing some serious savings. Go green, save green – that's the school spirit! 

Establishing a robust and enduring recycling program in schools requires collaboration, dedication, and a well-thought-out logistical plan. Numerous success stories, both in North Carolina and beyond, offer inspiration, and there are plenty of valuable resources to guide the way.

School Recycling Information


School Recycling Resources and Models

Although individual schools and school districts are not directly eligible for state recycling assistance grants, municipalities, and counties can apply on behalf of schools to help start or improve recycling programs. Contact your local solid waste or recycling director to explore possible grant applications.