Oyster Shells

Oyster shells are banned from disposal in North Carolina landfills and cannot be used as groundcover by landscape contractors. Recycled oyster shells are valuable resources in the state, used by coastal organizations and the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries to build new oyster reefs.

Many coastal communities offer oyster shell recycling drop-off locations. Visit the North Carolina Coastal Federation website or contact your local solid waste program to find out if recycling collection points are offered in your area.

If a recycling program is not feasible, the Division of Waste Management Solid Waste Section suggests a variety of other landfill alternatives, including crushing for use in roadbeds or other sustainable reuse purposes as long as the material is dried before use. For more information and assistance, contact:

Jason Watkins - Division of Waste Management
(336) 776-9674 or jason.watkins@ncdenr.gov

Sarah S. Bodin - Coastal Restoration Specialist
North Carolina Coastal Federation-Central Office
(252) 393-8185 ext. 503 or sarahb@nccoast.org