Fluorescent Lights and Mercury Thermostats

Fluorescent Lights

Information for State Agencies and Local Governments

Information for Demolition Contractors

Demolition contractors are required to remove mercury containing lights and thermostats from buildings before they are demolished and shall not knowingly dispose of these materials into unlined construction and demolition lanfills or any other landfill that is not lined - see NC General statute Provisions on Fluorescents and Mercury Thermostats.

Information for Disposal Facilities

NC General Statute 130A-309.10(m) states that no person shall knowingly dispose of fluorescent lights and thermostats that contain mercury in a sanitary landfill for the disposal of construction and demolition debris waste that is unlined or in any other landfill that is unlined - see NC General Statute Provisions on Fluorescents and Mercury Thermostats.

Information for Households

Most households use compact fluorescent and other mercury-containing bulbs. North Carolina residents are strongly encouraged to recycle spent fluorescent lights from their home.

Information for Businesses

Mercury Thermostats

For businesses and other non-household entities, mercury containing thermostats are regulated as universal waste and recycling is the preferred management option. Households are also encouraged to recycle any mercury thermostat they may generate. Recycling options can be found through the Thermostat Recycling Corporation

Other Mercury Information