New Buffer and Nutrient ILF Applications in Jordan Lake Upper New Hope and Lower New Hope Areas are Temporarily Suspended.  

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Mitigation Applicants

Detailed information about the request processes and rates can be found at the following locations:

Stream, Wetland & Buffer Info    |   Nutrient Offset Info   |     Current Rates  |     Upcoming Rates

Request Mitigation

Customers interested in submitting a request to DMS to provide mitigation for unavoidable impacts from development projects should complete the applicable request form below.  

Note that all requests to access the DMS In-Lieu Fee programs must be accompanied by a signed "Bank Law Compliance Form" (included in the forms below) verifying compliance with G.S. 143-214.11, and other statutes which restrict access to the DMS ILF programs for some entities when credits are available from private mitigation bank companies.  A list of approved banks is available from the Division of Water Resources or the USACE (Please report issues related to these lists to DWR or the USACE .  These lists are not DMS-generated.)

Request forms and payment information (note: forms should be completed using Adobe to access all features):

DMS In-Lieu Fee Program Contact Information

All inquiries related to non-DOT ILF requests, invoicing and payments should be directed to Kelly Williams at  The DMS ILF process is paperless.  All correspondence is now provided and received via email.