DMS works with willing landowners who are interested in conservation efforts to improve and protect water resources. All projects that receive funding from DMS must offer perpetual conservation protection.  This is typically accomplished through the voluntary use of a conservation easement.  This legal tool allows landowners to retain ownership of their land while protecting a specific portion of the property on behalf of streams and wetlands.  

Property Information

Property information for Division of Mitigation Services (DMS) projects is available for use by landowners, planners, consultants and research institutions.  To be useful for such a broad community, DMS is first developing this information using ESRI software to create electronic boundaries directly from the metes and bounds description associated with the recorded deeds. The metadata associated with this effort includes PDF-format copies of the recorded documents.  If the PDF of the recorded document is not available, there are references to the deed book and page for the county where the original documents were recorded. 

DMS realizes the limitations in sharing this ongoing ESRI-based data with the general public and is concurrently making the data available through Google Earth.  In this environment, the viewable boundaries may vary from what is actually protected on the ground.  Google Earth, for example, has difficulties in projecting curves so wherever a plat and deed describe a curve, such as along a road right-of-way, Google Earth may draw a straight line.  

This data is constantly being updated so if you see any errors or missing data please contact us. Questions or comments related to this data may be directed by email to Jeffrey Horton at or by phone at 919-218-3480.

The up to date version of the Google Earth KML DMS project boundaries, as of March, 2024, can be found below in the related content.  



This page was last modified on 03/12/2024