Fees and Records Management

The primary purpose of the Financial and Information Management Unit is to assist the regulated community and the Hazardous Waste Section with overall regulatory program performance, preparing rules and regulations, providing customers with regulatory assistance, managing the flow of information for the hazardous waste program while maintaining integrity of data in the state's legacy system and EPA’s RCRAInfo database.

Program staff are also responsible for invoicing and collecting revenue for annual hazardous waste fees applicable to generators, transporters, storage, treatment and disposal facilities as codified by North Carolina State Laws. In addition, staff maintain recordkeeping of all hazardous waste notifications, biennial reports and collections from enforcement penalties and I/I (inspection/investigative) costs.

Staff provide direction, establish and maintain operating guidelines, assess and administer system training, monitor hazardous waste data and enforce the federal requirement for large quantity generators, treaters, storers, and disposers to report their hazardous waste management efforts on a biennial timeframe. During this period, outreach efforts provide facilities with the knowledge and ability to appropriately report their hazardous waste. 

Contact:  Laura Alexander (919) 707-8214