Asphalt Shingles

Process for Recycling Post Consumer Recycled Asphalt Shingles (PRAS)

The Solid Waste Section has recently completed a comprehensive collaborative exercise with representatives of Division of Air Quality, NC Department of Transportation (DOT), Health Hazards Control Unit, Division of Environmental Assistance (DEA), Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association (CAPA) and industry. The resulting product is the state of practice in North Carolina as presented by the Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association. It addresses the use of PRAS in the manufacture of hot asphalt paving for use in DOT projects.

Solid Waste developed a process whereby clean shingles may be recycled at a non-solid waste facility, without a permit, and whereby a permitted solid waste management facility could incorporate the practice without a major effort. The work is based in large part on guidance issued by the Construction Materials Recycling Association in collaboration with the EPA, and also on the programs and experiences of other states.

Solid waste management facilities, such as transfer stations and landfills may participate in the program by notifying the section and preparing the short plan as outlined in the document. This is for the acceptance of clean, source separated shingles. Facilities, such as CDLF processors who want to take mixed loads and sort them, still need a permit. All facilities are required to maintain certain documentation and if they do asbestos testing they will need additional plans. We are also asking facilities to voluntarily register with the section so we can provide them as a service provider upon request from the public. Please take an opportunity to review the attached document. If you have specific questions please contact the Solid Waste Section or your Environmental Specialist.