Electronics Management

North Carolina General Statutes 130A-309.130 through 130A-309.142, "Discarded Computer Equipment and Television Management" establishes an electronics recycling program for the state of North Carolina with shared responsibility between computer manufacturers, television manufacturers, retailers, local and state government, and consumers.  The Program's goal is to foster a statewide recycling infrastructure for these materials.  In combination with this Program, the law bans televisions, computers, monitors, video display units, printers, scanners, scanner-fax machines, other devices designed to produce hard paper copies from a computer, and peripheral equipment, except keyboards and mice, from disposal in landfills.

Send completed forms as attachments to: john.patrone@deq.nc.gov.  

Mail checks to the address found on the forms.

Contact Perry Sugg at perry.sugg@deq.nc.gov or 919-707-8258 to request a W-9 form and to make payment(s), include contact fax number or email address.  

Tab/Accordion Items

  • February 15 [on or before]: Electronics Management Fund distributions to eligible local governments
  • June 30: Annual Renewal Registration Fee due for Television Manufacturers
  • July 1: Annual Renewal Registration Fee due for Computer Manufacturers
  • August 1: Annual Registration due for facilities that recover or recycle covered devices or other electronic devices
  • October 1: Annual Report due for both Computer and Television Manufacturers
  • December 31: Annual local government submittal of information, a plan, or a plan update to receive distribution of funds from the Electronics Management Fund

Computer equipment and television manufacturers shall submit a report by October 1 annually detailing collection and recycling actions and stating the total weight of electronics collected and recycled during the previous fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).  Computer Equipment and Television Manufacturers Annual Report.