SWP Technical Assistance Fact Sheet

To help communities implement their local Drinking Water Protection efforts, the Public Water Supply Section has compiled the following fact sheet on Sources of Technical Assistance for Drinking Water Protection. The organizations below support a wide array of source protection approaches. For additional information, the agency's website and contact information are provided.

Water Supply Watershed Program

Contact: Paul Clark
Phone: (919) 707-3642
WebsiteWater Supply Watershed Program
Scope: Overall water quality regulations

Basinwide Planning Unit

Contact: Ian McMillan
Email: ian.mcmillan@ncdenr.gov
Phone: 919-707-9026
Website: http://deq.nc.gov/about/divisions/water-resources/planning/basin-planning
Scope: non-regulatory, watershed-based approach to restoring and protecting surface waters

Section 319 Nonpoint Source Grant Program

Contact: Heather Jennings
Email: heather.b.jennings@ncdenr.gov
Phone: 919-807-6437
Website: 319 Grant Program
Scope: nonpoint source pollution management grants

NC Division of Soil and Water Conservation

Contact: Vernon Cox
Email: vernon.cox@ncagr.gov
Phone: 919-707-3770
Website: www.ncagr.gov/swc
Scope: nonpoint source pollution management, cost share for agricultural BMPs, engineering, soil surveys, conservation easements, environmental and conservation education, watershed planning, soils information, animal waste management

Lagoon Conversion Program, NC Division of Soil and Water Conservation

Contact: David Williams
Email: david.b.williams@ncagr.gov
Phone: 919-715-6103
Website: http://www.ncagr.gov/swc/costshareprograms/Lagoon_Program/
Scope: hog waste pollution management

NC Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service

Contact: Theodore Bush
Email: ted.bush@ncdenr.gov
Phone: 877-623-6748
Website: http://portal.ncdenr.org/web/deao/
Scope: industrial- recycling, case study database, electronics, environmental management systems, mercury, water efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, vendor database, transport packaging

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)

Website: http://www.ncagr.gov/SWC/costshareprograms/CREP/documents/dlt_pdf_quote.pdf
Scope: riparian buffers, grassed filter strips and wetlands, reducing sediment and nutrient impacts, providing ecological benefits


Council of Governments

For example: Land-of-Sky, Western Piedmont, Triangle J, Upper Coastal Plain, Lumber River, Piedmont Triad, and High Country
Website: http://www.ncregions.org/regional-map/
Scope: regional planning and cooperation

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Contact: Timothy A. Beard, State Conservationist
Email: tim.beard@wdc.usda.gov
Phone: 919-873-2101
Website: http://www.nc.nrcs.usda.gov/
Scope: environmental quality incentives, conservation reserves, wildlife habitats, forestry, wetlands, soil surveys, plant materials, resource conservation and development, emergency watershed protection, backyard conservation

League of Municipalities

Contact: Paul Meyer, Executive Director
Email: pmeyer@nclm.org
Phone: 919-715-3930
Website: http://www.nclm.org/Pages/default.aspx
Scope: acts as an extension of municipal staffs, lobbies to General Assembly, provides assistance to officials in form of statistics, legal advice, employment practice updates, and legislative briefings and surveys

Institute of Government

Contact: Richard Whisnant
Email: whisnant@sog.unc.edu
Phone: 919-962-9320
Website: http://www.sog.unc.edu/
Scope: improve public service of North Carolina

Division of Community Assistance

Contact: Olivia Collier, Director
Email: ocollier@nccommerce.com
Phone: 919-715-0535
Website: www.nccommerce.com/rd
Scope: assists local governments with community development, economic development, smart growth management, and downtown revitalization

NC Association of County Commissioners

Contact: Johanna Reese
Email: Johanna.reese@ncacc.org
Phone: 919-715-8044
Website: www.ncacc.org
Scope: serves as counties' advocate before executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government

NC Rural Water Association (NCRWA)

Contact: Daniel Wilson, Executive Director
Email: danielwilson@ncrwa.com
Phone: 336-731-6963
Website: www.ncrwa.com
Scope: provides assistance to owners and operators of public water supply system interested in developing a Drinking Water Protection program

NC Rural Community Assistance Program (NCRCAP)

Contact: John D. Crowder
Email: jcrowder@sercap.org
Phone: 919-228-2276
Website: www.sercap.org/Carolina_n.htm
Scope: on-site consultations, operation and maintenance/management assistance, training, education, facilitation, volunteers, and financial assistance


For example: UNC, NCSU, ECU, WCU, UNCW, UNCA, UNCC, etc.
Website: in order from above: www.unc.edu, www.ncsu.edu, www.ecu.edu, www.wcu.edu, www.uncw.edu, www.unca.edu, www.uncc.edu
Scope: source for laboratory space, interns, and research assistance

Conservation Trust for NC (CTNC) and Local Land Trusts

Contact: Reid Wilson, Executive Director
Email: reid@ctnc.org
Phone: 919-828-4199 ext. 11
Website: www.ctnc.org
Scope: provides assistance to community groups, land trusts, private landowners, and other conservation groups in an effort to conserve land and resources in NC
For example: Piedmont Land Conservancy
Contact: 336-691-0088
Email: info@piedmontland.org
Website: www.piedmontland.org
Scope: private, usually non-profit organizations that protect land and resources and operate across relatively small regions

Trust for Public Land

Email: norcarolina@tpl.org
Phone: 202-543-7552 ext. 729
Website: www.tpl.org/what-we-do/where-we-work/north-carolina/
Scope: legal support for holding and purchasing land, negotiating with property owners

NC Rural Economic Development Center

Contact: info@ncruralcenter.org
Phone: 919-250-4314
Website: www.ncruralcenter.org
Scope: developing and implementing economic strategies for rural, low-income communities

Volunteer Water Information Network (VWIN)

Contact: Ann Marie Traylor
Email: eqi@environmentalqualityinstitute.org
Phone: 828-333-0392
Website: www.environmentalqualityinstitute.org/vwin-volunteer-water-information-network.php
Scope: providing objective chemical and biological analyses to help communities, government agencies, and the private sector gain accurate understanding of complex environmental issues