Non-Discharge Branch

The Non-Discharge Branch is responsible for the permitting and compliance of residual and wastewater effluent land application facilities. The Branch is also responsible for permitting facilities for the beneficial use of reclaimed water for the purpose of conserving the state's potable water, surface water, and groundwater resources.

*Please note: The Non-Discharge Branch has transitioned to electronic permitting. Permit applications, annual reports, certifications, etc. should be submitted electronically using the Electronic Application/Document Upload form. Monitoring reports should be submitted electronically using the Monitoring Report Upload form. Please do not submit paper copies.

If you have a non-discharge environmental complaint, reporting question, a noncompliance notification, or any operation and maintenance related question, please contact your Regional Office.

For technical questions, please contact the following staff:

Staff Directory:

Phone Number
Nathaniel Thornburg Environmental Program Supervisor II (919) 707-3653 942X
Erick Saunders Engineer III (919) 707-3659 942Y
Zachary Mega Engineer III (919) 707-3658 942V
Cord Anthony Engineer II (919) 707-3655 942S
Vacant Engineer II (919) 707-3660 942T
Elton Luong Engineer I (919) 707-3661 942Z
Leah Parente Geologist / Hydrogeologist (919) 707-3656 942U
Alys Hannum Environmental Specialist II (919) 707-3657 942R
Wanda Gerald Administrative Specialist I (919) 707-3654 942W

Physical Address:

Archdale Building, 9th Floor

Mailing Address:

By U.S. Postal Service:
Division of Water Resources
Non-Discharge Branch
1617 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-1617
By Courier/Special Delivery:
Division of Water Resources
Non-Discharge Branch
Attn: Nathaniel Thornburg - 9th Floor, Office #942X
512 N. Salisbury St. Raleigh, NC 27604