Collection Systems

Contact List

Collection Systems Program Primary Contact Phone
Alternative Sewer Permitting Michael Montebello 919-707-3624
Variances/Alternative Designs Michael Montebello 919-707-3624
Adjusted Daily Sewage Flow Design Rates (Flow Reductions) Michael Montebello 919-707-3624
System Wide Collection System Permitting (WQCS Permits) Michael Montebello 919-707-3624
Ownership Changes Michael Montebello 919-707-3624
Questions about submitting Engineering Certifications Contact the appropriate regional office N/A

For all other collection system-related inquiries, please contact Michael Montebello at

Engineering Certification "Roundup"

The Municipal Permitting Unit is currently conducting an outreach program to update the Division’s records for permits issued from 2016 and 2017 that, according to the Division’s database, are still open and have not recorded submission of a final engineering certification. If you have a permit for which you are unsure of the certification status, please use the Sewer Extension Permit Tracker link below to check the Division’s database for more information. For any questions about the submittal of engineering certifications, please contact the appropriate regional office.


Latest News:

The 02T Rules have been updated as of September 1, 2018.

Revised SSO Reporting Requirements (Updated October 2014)

Underground Utility Safety & Damage Prevention Act  (Updated October 2014)

  • Requires underground infrastructure to be "electronically locatable"

Sewer Extension Application Tracker

  •  Information related to the review for applications received by the Division

Sewer Extension Permit Tracker

  • Information related to issued permits, including the receipt of Final/Partial Certifications
  • Enter the "Issue Date" at the top of the "Engineering Certification" form for modified permits (those with multiple versions)
  • Enter today's date to give information for the latest permit version issued

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Wastewater Collection Systems

The Municipal Unit administers various wastewater collection system permitting programs for the Division. The NPDES Municipal Permiting Unit issues system-wide collection system permits (WQCS Permits), flow reduction requests, and name change /change of ownership requests. The unit is responsible for the review and approval of local programs for permitting construction, modification, and operation of public and private sewer system in their utility service areas (i.e. delegation) pursuant to G.S. 143-215.1(f). The unit also administers general oversight of the fast track sewer extension program which issues sewer extension permits through the seven regional offices. 

Programs Administered:

  •    Fast Track Program (Gravity Sewer, Pump Stations, & Force mains)
  •    Standard Sewer Extension Permitting Program
  •    System-Wide Collection System Program
  •    Local Programs for Sewer Systems (Delegated Program)

Rules and Guidance: