Nutrient Criteria Timeline


Federal Register (2001) – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published notice of seventeen Ecoregional Nutrient Criteria Documents for lakes and reservoirs, rivers and streams and wetlands within specific geographic regions (ecoregions) of the United States.
Grubbs Memo (2001) – Memorandum to provide additional guidance to states and authorized tribes on developing nutrient criteria plans, the role of these plans in the adoption of nutrient criteria, the flexibility available, and EPA’s expectations for the timeframes both to develop a plan and to adopt nutrient criteria into water quality standards.
NC Nutrient Criteria Plan (Jun 2004) – NC’s original Nutrient Criteria Implementation Plan (NCIP), submitted to EPA June 2004.
Mutual agreement Request AK (Jun 2004) – NC’s response to EPA comments on the June 2004 NCIP.
EPA Mutual Agreement NC Nutrient Criteria Plan (Sep 2004) – EPA/State Mutual Agreement on Numeric Nutrient Criteria Development Plan for North Carolina.
NCIP Status Update and Revisions (Oct 2005) – NC’s required status update to EPA and modifications to timeline for NCIP.
EPA Grumbles Memo (May 2007) – This memo from EPA provides a national update on the development of numeric nutrient water quality standards and describes EPA's commitment to accelerating the pace for progress.
NC Comments to Grumbles (Jun 2007) – NC’s response to EPA’s memorandum on nutrients and clarification on its program to manage nutrient pollution and numeric water quality standards.
NC 2008 NCIP Status Report (Jan 2009) – Status of NC's Nutrient Implementation Activities to Date.

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NCIP Status Update (Nov 2009) – NC status update to EPA on lowering chlorophyll a criteria.
EPA Stoner Memo (Mar 2011) – Memo to EPA Regions 1 – 10 placing new emphasis on working with states to achieve near-term reductions in nutrient loadings.
NC Forum on Nutrient Over-Enrichment (May 2012)
Public Comments Accepted (December 2012 – Feb 2013) – Compilation of public comments
Public Input Meetings, Raleigh, Huntersville and Wilmington (Dec 2012)
Draft Nutrient Criteria Development Plan (NCDP) Available for Public Review (Apr 2013)
Draft NCDP Presentation to the EMC (May 2013)
Public Comment Period Ends (May 2013) – All public comments submitted can be found here
Present NCDP update to the EMC (Sep 2013) – Presentation
NCDP Commenter Meeting (Sep 2013) – Presentation
Public Comment Period Ends (Feb 2014)

EPA Mutual Agreement on NC Nutrient Criteria Plan (June 2014) – EPA/State Mutual Agreement on June 2014 Numeric Nutrient Criteria Development Plan for North Carolina.

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