E&SC Downloads

Erosion and Sediment Control Downloads

Below are downloads that can be used by those seeking approval for the erosion and sediment control (E&SC) application. These are guidance and reference documents that can assist with creating and providing an approvable plan, which can facilitate shorter review time.  The NCDEQ reserves the right to require a site-specific E&SC plan to be prepared and submitted for the 30-day review cycle.

Tab/Accordion Items

For those seeking approval of the erosion and sediment control (E&SC) application the below E&SC standard details can be downloaded and used to assist with designing an approvable E&SC plan for your site conditions. The standards can be downloaded as a PDF or as a CAD file (zipped dwg files). The CAD files were produced in AutoCAD 2023. More information on these standard details can be found in the relevant sections of the 2013 NC E&SC Planning and Design Manual.

  • Chapter 6.0 Site Preparation
  • Chapter 6.1 Site Stabilization
  • Chapter 6.2 Runoff Control Measures
  • Chapter 6.3 Runoff Conveyance Measures
  • Chapter 6.4 Outlet Protection
    • 6.41 Outlet Stabilization Structures (PDF, dwg zip)
  • Chapter 6.5 Inlet Protection
    • 6.50 Excavated Drop Inlet Protection (PDF, dwg zip)
    • 6.52 Block and Gravel Inlet Protection (PDF, dwg zip)
    • 6.54 Rock Doughnut Inlet Protection (PDF, dwg zip)
    • 6.55 Rock Pipe Inlet Protection (PDF, dwg zip)
  • Chapter 6.6 Sediment Traps and Barriers
  • Chapter 6.7 Stream Protection
  • Chapter 6.8 Other Related Practices

Below is a plan set that may be used by those seeking approval for the erosion and sediment control measures to be used during residential construction.  This plan serves as a standard for the most common lot controls that are expected to be installed and includes guidance on soil preparation and ground cover as well as construction sequencing that is common for the most basic site conditions.  The purpose is to provide an approvable plan which can facilitate a shorter review time, and which provides a comprehensive list of builder expectations as to controlling erosion and sedimentation while working.  All permit conditions must be met.  As with a site-specific plan, all other deliverables from the plan review checklist or from NCG010000 permit requirements that are essential for a review of this plan, including contour or elevation information, must accompany this plan set.  The NCDEQ reserves the right to require a site-specific erosion control plan to be prepared and submitted for the 30-day review cycle. The use of this standard lot plan is conditioned upon the following:  

  1. This plan is for lots with an individual disturbed area of 1.00 acre or less, and a total disturbance of not more than 5.0 acres for individual single family or multi-family dwellings.  
  2. A vicinity map showing the boundaries of the project and access to the site is to either be shown on this standard plan or to accompany this standard plan.
  3. A subdivision plat or plan showing numbered lots and the Limits of Disturbance (LoD) is to accompany this plan.  The LoD includes lots, access to measures, staging areas, and utilities that may extend off-site.
  4. Lots are “finished”, or at final grade. Mass grading with full stabilization has already occurred or mass grading is not to occur.
  5. Disturbed slopes are not to exceed 10 percent (10%).  
  6. The property does not contain nor have jurisdictional waters within 100 feet of the lots.  
  7. The site is not located within a High-Quality Water Zone.      
  8. No discharges are expected or allowed into impaired waters.  
  9. Onsite vehicle or equipment washing is not allowed.  
  10. This site involves no off-site material storage, waste disposal, or borrow areas.
  11. All disturbed areas not built upon shall be provided with permanent ground cover.  

 Not all plan or detail sheets will be used.  The builder is to choose the appropriate sheets and include the page numbers within the Table of Contents.  Page numbers for sheets not used should remain blank within the Table.  All sheets should be numbered in sequence and dated.

11" x 17" Plan or Detail Sheets (PDF) and CAD Versions (Zipped DWG files)

8.5" x 11" Plan or Detail Sheets (PDF)

  • Title Sheet (PDF)
  • Lot Information Table (PDF)
  • Typical Individual Lot Layout with Curb & Gutter (PDF)
  • Typical Individual Lot Layout with Roadside Ditches (PDF)
  • NCG01 Self-Inspections (PDF)
  • NCG01 Recordkeeping & Reporting (PDF)
  • NCG01 Ground Cover (PDF)
  • NCG01 Materials Handling (PDF)
  • Temporary Seeding Recommendations (PDF)
  • Permanent Seeding Recommendations (PDF)
  • Construction Entrance/Exit (PDF)
  • Inlet Protection (PDF)
  • Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECP) for Channels (PDF)
  • Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECP) for Slopes (PDF)
  • Silt Fence (PDF)
  • Silt Fence Outlet (PDF)
  • Silt Sock/Wattle for Check Dams (PDF)
  • Silt Sock/Wattle for Perimeter and Inlet Protection (PDF)
  • Tree Protection (PDF)