Grants for Local Governments

The N.C. Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service (DEACS) administers the Solid Waste Outreach Program including associated funds for making grants to local governments in support of waste reduction efforts. Local governments interested in these grants are encouraged to check this website periodically for updates. Please be aware that funding levels, contract periods and eligibility requirements vary between the different grant programs. Current and recent opportunities and application guidelines are listed below. Please contact the appropriate staff person if you have additional questions.

Community Waste Reduction and Recycling Grant ProgramCLOSED

The Community Waste Reduction and Recycling Grant Program is a recurring annual funding opportunity for local governments to build lasting capacity to divert materials from the waste stream and / or increase public awareness of recycling. The grant cycle is timed to correspond with local government budget cycles. A request for proposals is typically issued in late fall with applications due in February. Grant winners are notified in April and funds become available on July 1st. The application period for 2024 Community Waste Reduction and Recycling Grants closed on February 15, 2024. For more information or assistance please contact Sandy Skolochenko at 919 707-8147

Multifamily Recycling Grant Program - OPEN

The Multifamily Recycling Grant Program offers funding to initiate or expand multifamily recycling programs within the state and is open to local governments, recycling businesses or non-profits, multifamily property owners or management companies, public housing authorities, and colleges and universities for off-campus housing. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. For more information or assistance please contact Elise Traywick at 919-707-8135.

Watch the Multifamily Recycling Webinar to learn more.


Additional Grant Information

Tab/Accordion Items

Successful grant applicants are required to provide the following forms, which will be included as part of the grant contract:

As a condition set forth of each of the above grant programs, any North Carolina municipality, county, council of government and solid waste authority that receives a reimbursement grant shall submit a final report to the DEACS grant manager prior to the end of the grant contract. Each grant program requires specific information be included in the associated final report. Please see the following guidance documents for assistance in preparing final reports.

Local Government Year Awarded Amount Awarded Description
Cherokee County 2023 $6,000   Purchasing a roll-off container to add aluminum collection to a convenience center to increase recycling tonnage.
Perquimans, Chowan, and Gates Counties 2021 $6,000   Purchasing a trailer to expand options and capacity for electronics recycling tonnage.
Elkin 2022 $7,000   Purchasing away-from-home recycling containers to twin with trash containers on Main Street.
Boone 2020 $7,388 Purchasing recycling receptacles to be twinned with trash cans at the towns five public parks.
Moore County 2022 $10,000   Purchasing message boards to display recycling education and event information at convenience sites and purchasing a storage shed for household hazardous waste to expand collection of HHW materials.
High Point 2022 $13,000 Purchasing a trailer for collecting styrofoam for a new styrofoam recycling program and purchasing additional equipment for expansion and improvement of electronics recycling program.
Nags Head 2023 $15,000   Purchasing a dumpster to recycle cardboard from the most substantial cardboard waste producers in the area.
Jackson County 2019 $18,750   Purchasing collection containers to be placed at public schools to increase school recycling capacity and availability.
Concord 2023 $20,000   Purchasing educational materials such as door tags, advertising, and targeted outreach materials for the implementation of a cart tagging program. The cart tagging program is to be implemented as a competition and neighborhood challenge to encourage engagement and support for recycling initiatives.
Wilkes County 2023 $21,000   Purchasing 6-yard and 8-yard containers, bin decals, and signage to be able to open a new recycling convenience center and educate residents on how to recycle properly.
Wake Forest 2022 $24,000   Printing and mailing Recycle Right postcards to all households and purchasing cart tags for recycling contamination prevention.
Durham County 2021 $25,000   Purchasing a compactor to be utilized for recycling at a new convenience site to maximize space.
Edenton 2023 $40,000   Restarting a curbside recycling program and purchasing a walking floor trailer to haul recyclables to their local MRF.
The Coastal Environmental Partnership 2021 $40,000 Purchasing a trailer , concrete pad, and outreach materials to double the number of household hazardous waste events held in three counties and divert a greater amount of material from improper disposal
Iredell County 2018 $54,854.93 Purchasing building and infrastructure materials to begin a new permanent household hazardous waste collection program

Food Waste Reduction Grant -  CLOSED

The Food Waste Reduction Grant is a special grant program offering funding to help local governments, non-profits, and businesses reduce the amount of wasted food being disposed in landfills. Applications for the 2024 Food Waste Reduction Grant were due Wednesday October 25, 2023. An opportunity for 2025 Food Waste Reduction funding is expected to be announced in Summer 2024. For more information or assistance please contact Christine Wittmeier at 919-707-8121.

Learn more about food waste reduction.

Abandoned Manufactured Home (AMH) Grant Program – CLOSED

This grant program provided funding to assist counties with implementing abandoned manufactured home clean-up programs. Information is available on the AMH Grant Program website. For more information or assistance, please contact David Hance at 919-707-8122.

Glass Equipment and Infrastructure Grant Program – CLOSED

The Glass Equipment and Infrastructure Grant was a one-time grant program that provided funding for single stream material recovery facilities (MRFs) to purchase glass recycling equipment or for local governments to establish or expand community drop-off glass collection.

DEACS also makes grant funds available for the private sector (for profit) and nonprofit recycling organizations.

The N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services provides financial assistance for the collection/recycling of used agricultural pesticide jugs and unused pesticides.