AKA: flying fish 

Description: Searobins are reasonably elongate with a large head. The head is covered in armored plates and spines. The pectoral fins on most species are very large, often resembling wings. The first three rays of the pelvic fins are free and used to aid in locomotion and prey detection. North Carolina is home to about a dozen different species of searobins. 

Size: Most searobins are relatively small, averaging less than a foot in length, but some spceies have been known to reach 17 inches. 

Habitat: Searobins are bottom-dwelling fish that occur worldwide from brackish to marine waters. In North Carolina, they are most commonly seen in estuarine and nearshore fisheries. 

Fishing Tips: Searobins are generally caught as bycatch when targeting other species. Most are caught using bottom rigs baited with cut shrimp or other natural bait.   

N.C. Saltwater Fishing Tournament

No award given for these species.


Persons engaged in recreational fishing in North Carolina coastal waters are required to possess a Coastal Recreational Fishing License in accordance with G.S. 113-174.2.

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