Wastewater Certification for Active U.S. Military & Veterans

Are you active military or a veteran seeking certification as a wastewater operator in North Carolina?

DEQ is ready to assist active-duty military personnel and veterans who possess the appropriate training and hands-on operational experience in the treatment and collection of wastewater. You may be eligible for certification as a wastewater operator in North Carolina. 

Wastewater System Types:

  • Collection systems (conveyance of wastewater to treatment site)
  • Biological wastewater treatment
  • Physical/Chemical treatment of wastewater
  • Surface irrigation of wastewater
  • Subsurface treatment of wastewater
  • Land application of wastewater

If you meet the training and experience criteria you may be able to sit for a NC wastewater certification exam at a level determined appropriate by the Commission (WPCSOCC).

The One*NET website may help you match military and civilian experience/levels:  Select the branch of service and search for a keyword, such as wastewater, to view the Military Occupational Classification (MOC).  https://www.onetonline.org/crosswalk/MOC/.



Military / Veteran Wastewater Operator Application

Exam Dates / Deadlines / Locations

Questions?  Please contact Jeffrey Talbott  919-707-9108.