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From 15A NCAC 08G .0408 
When the holder of an Operator in Training (OIT) certificate completes the prerequisite experience for the permanent certificate at that type and level, the holder must submit an application documenting the experience, with the appropriate fee for a replacement certificate in order to receive the permanent certificate at that level. (from letter (e) below)

From 15A NCAC 08G .0102 
"Actual experience" means the time working as a water pollution control system operator whose responsibility is the physical operation of process equipment and systems at a water pollution control system. Job responsibilities such as laboratory testing, facility and equipment maintenance, administrative support, or direct or indirect supervision do not qualify as actual experience.

Contract Operator List

This list is not comprehensive nor an endorsement. It is provided for convenience.

To be listed as a contract operator for NC Carolina Water Pollution Control Systems, PLEASE SUBMIT THIS FORM. To remain on the list, you must submit the form once a year.


If you are hiring a contract operator, you are responsible to verify operators have active certifications of the appropriate type and grade by checking the Certified Operator Lists.



Temporary Wastewater Operator Certification Application  (also Conditional)

Please fill out as much of the application on your computer as possible, including drop down menus, before printing it and filling out other sections by hand.


See the Exam Page for more information.

If this is your FIRST wastewater certification exam, you MUST provide:

  • Date of Birth
  • Full SSN (Required by law)
  • Year of High School Graduation/GED Completion 

Once you are certified and issued an operator number, you do not have to provide your DOB, SSN, or HS/GED information on future applications.  You do have to provide your operator number on future wastewater exam applications. We have many operators with duplicate names so your operator number is your unique identifier.

Save a copy of your exam application to your device for future use.

IMPORTANT:  Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant.

Please remember...

  • Both signatures are required.
  • Provide a copy of the certificate of completion from the certification school you attended.
  • Employment dates and details of your physical operation of a treatment system you operate and its permit number(s).
  • We only consider experience on the system type that you are seeking certification of.