Reciprocity (WW)

  • Wastewater operators certified in states other than NC may be granted reciprocal certification in NC. 
  • Invalid NC operators can not apply for certification via reciprocity.  They need to reinstate their certification by renewal - please read 15A NCAC 08G .0701(b)
  • Operators previously certified in NC (but now invalid) can not apply for certification via reciprocity. 


Applicants that meet both of the following requirements of NC General Statue § 90A-40  may receive a reciprocal certification in an appropriate grade without examination:

  1. the applicant must be properly registered on the “National Association of Boards of Certification”; and
  2. the applicant must meet all other requirements of the adopted rules.  NC Rules: 15A NCAC 08G

Applicants that do not meet both of the above requirements may be allowed to take a Commission-administered exam of the appropriate type and grade, with reciprocal certification granted upon a passing score. 


To apply for reciprocal certification, please submit the NC Wastewater Operator Reciprocity Application with the required fee and documentation.  

A member of our staff will review the application and be in contact with you. 

Once staff completes the application process, it will be placed on the agenda for the next quarterly meeting of the Water Pollution Control System Operators Certification Commission (WPCSOCC).

Applications must be received at least once month in advance of the upcoming WPCSOCC meeting to be put on the next meeting agenda.




NC General Statue § 90A-40 

NC Rules: 15A NCAC 08G



Additional Information

Tab/Accordion Items

Wastewater Operator Rules:
15A NCAC 08G
Waste Not Discharged To Surface Waters: (Collection Systems)
15A NCAC 02T .0300
Waste Not Discharged to Surface Waters:
15A NCAC 02T