Submittal Meeting

Submittal Meeting Requests

If you would like to schedule a submittal meeting, please complete the Online Submittal Meeting Request form located at the bottom of this page at least two weeks prior to your desired submittal date. Staff will contact you to confirm the meeting date, time and location. Meetings will be coordinated based on the program utilized and may require coordination with the regional office that has oversight of the county in which the proposed project may take place.
The submittal meeting process is a much more formal process and should be utilized when the applicant is ready to submit the project for review. The NPDES Municipal Permitting Unit and Regional Offices will gladly discuss issues related to the permitting process, rules and regulations, or anything related to the permitting programs that we have oversight over via phone and email. Projects that utilize the Division’s Fast Track Sewer Permitting Program would only require a submittal meeting under extreme circumstances. 
Projects that require an Environmental Assessment pursuant to 15A NCAC 01C .0408, alternative sewer systems (low pressure sewer, STEP systems, and vaccuum sewer), projects funded through the Divsion of Water Infrastructure's financial assistance programs, and projects that do not meet minimum design criteria,  are not eligible for the Fast-Track Permitting Program.  Please utilize the Standard Permitting process for those projects.
Submittal Request

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