Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission Symposium on Southern Flounder

The Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission held a regional symposium to look at the current status of flounder species in the Gulf, South, and Mid Atlantic. The event was held in Baton Rouge March 29-30. The symposium explored numerous issues pertaining to the decline of southern flounder stocks in the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, including possible impacts from increasing water temperatures. Other topics included reproduction, migration, and stock enhancement.

Staff with the Division of Marine Fisheries gave two talks. The first, by the Division's lead stock assessment scientist Laura Lee, was about the stock status of southern flounder in the south Atlantic, and the other, by Division biologist Shelby White, was about using satellite tags to assess the migration and spawning habits of southern flounder. Use the links below to go straight to their presentations.

Stock Assessment of the Southern Flounder in the South Atlantic

Assessing migration and spawning habitats of Southern Flounder using satellite tags

The symposium was split up into four sessions. View the agenda and a recording of each session in its entirety using the links below.

GSMFC Flounder Symposium Session 1
GSMFC Flounder Symposium Session 2
GSMFC Flounder Symposium Session 3
GSMFC Flounder Symposium Session 4