Latest Funding Round Updates

Funding Awards, Fall 2023 Funding Round

Approved Fall 2023 projects from Feb. 20, 2024 State Water Infrastructure Authority Meeting


Funding Awards, Spring 2023 Funding Round 

State Announces $223M for Drinking Water and Wastewater Project Funding Statewide

Spring 2023 SWIA-funded applications

  • The Spring 2023 Application Period closed on May 1, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

Division of Water Infrastructure to Hold Fall 2023 Drinking Water, Wastewwater and Stormwater Loan and Grant Funding Application Training Sessions at FIve Sites Statewide



Fall 2022 Funding Round


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Spring 2022 Funding Round

Press Release: State Announces Record $789.4M for Drinking Water and Wastewater Project Funding Statewide 


Funding awards from all other funding rounds are listed on the State Water Infrastructure Authority page.