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Lumber Basinwide Water Quality Plans

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2003 Lumber River Basinwide Water Quality Plan

Entire Plan

Plan By Chapter

Section A - General Basinwide Information

Section B –  Water Quality Data and Information by Subbasin

Section C – Current and Future Water Quality Initiatives



1999 Lumber River Basinwide Water Quality Plan

Entire Document

Plan By Chapter

  • Table of Content
  • Executive Summary

Section A: General Basin Information

  • CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Basinwide Water Quality Planning 
  • CHAPTER 2: Lumber River Basin Overview 
  • CHAPTER 3: Summary of Water Quality Information for the Lumber River Basin 
  • CHAPTER 4: Summary of Basinwide Issues and Achievements between 1994 and 1998

Section B: Water Quality Data and Information by Subbasin

  • Chapter 1 - Lumber River Subbasin 03-07-50 - Includes Drowning and Naked Creeks
  • Chapter 2 - Lumber River Subbasin 03-07-51 (Includes mainstem of Lumber River and tributaries from source to South Carolina)
  • Chapter 3 - Lumber River Subbasin 03-07-52 (Includes Raft Swamp and tributaries)
  • Chapter 4 - Lumber River Subbasin 03-07-53 (Includes Big Swamp and tributaries)
  • Chapter 5 - Lumber River Subbasin 03-07-54 (Includes Ashpole Swamp and tributaries)
  • Chapter 6 -Lumber River Subbasin 03-07-55 (Includes Gum Swamp, Leith and Shoe Heel Creeks)
  • Chapter 7 - Lumber River Subbasin 03-07-56 (Includes Lake Waccamaw, Big Creek and tributaries, upper Waccamaw River and Bogue Swamp)
  • Chapter 8 - Lumber River Subbasin 03-07-57 (Includes lower Waccamaw River in NC)
  • Chapter 9 - Lumber River Subbasin 03-07-58 (Includes White Marsh and tributaries)
  • Chapter 10 - Lumber River Subbasin 03-07-59 (Includes Lockwoods Folly and Shallotte Rivers)

Section C - Current and Future Water Quality Initiatives

  • Chapter 1 - Current Water Quality Initiatives
  • Chapter 2 - Future Water Quality Initiatives


  • Appendix I - Division of Water Quality, Water Quality Section Organization Structure
  • Appendix II - NPDES Dischargers in the Lumber River Basin
  • Appendix III - Water Quality Data Collected by DWQ (Benthic Macroinvertebrate Sampling & Fisheries Studies)
  • Appendix IV - Use Support Methodology
  • Appendix V - List of 303(d) Waters in the Lumber River Basin
  • Appendix VI - Lumber River Basin Nonpoint Source Program Description and Contacts
  • Appendix VII - Lumber River Basin Workshop Summaries
  • Appendix VIII - Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

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