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Hiwassee Basinwide Water Quality Plans

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2007 Hiwassee River Basinwide Water Quality Plan

Entire 2007 Plan

Plan By Chapters

Water Quality Data and Information By Subbasin

  • Chapter 1 - Hiwassee River Subbasin 04-05-01 (Including:  Lake Chatuge, Shooting Creek, and Brasstown Creek Watersheds)
  • Chapter 2 - Hiwassee River Subbasin 04-05-02 (Including:  Hiwassee Lake, Apalachia Lake, and Valley River)

General Basin Information

  • Chapter 3 - North Carolina Water Quality Classifications and Standards
  • Chapter 4 - Water Quality Stressors
  • Chapter 5 - Population Growth, Land Cover Changes, and Water Quality in Western North Carolina
  • Chapter 6 - Stormwater and Wastewater Programs
  • Chapter 7 - Agriculture and Water Quality
  • Chapter 8 - Forestry in the Hiwassee River Basin
  • Chapter 9 - Water Resources
  • Chapter 10 - Natural Resources
  • Chapter 11 - Water Quality Initiatives



  • Appendix I - Population and Growth Trends in the Hiwassee River Basin
  • Appendix II - Local Governments and Planning Jurisdictions in the Hiwassee River Basin
  • Appendix III - Land Cover in the Hiwassee River Basin
  • Appendix IV - DWQ Water Quality Monitoring Programs in the Hiwassee River Basin 
  • Appendix V - NPDES Discharges and Individual Stormwater Permits
  • Appendix VI - 303(d) Listing and Reporting Methodology
  • Appendix VII - Hiwassee River Basin Nonpoint Source Program Description and Contacts 
  • Appendix VIII - Use Support Methodology and Use Support Ratings
  • Appendix IX - Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

1997 Hiwassee River Basinwide Water Quality Plan

Entire Plan

Plan By Chapter


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