Applications Closed

DEQ released the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Phase 2 Level 2 Public Access Program on March 21, 2022. Applications for the Level 2 Public Access Program opened in the Grant Management System on May 2, 2022.

Applications for this program closed on March 31, 2023. Eligible applications received by the close date are currently under review.

Level 2 Public Access Program

In Phase 2 of the program, $1 million in Volkswagen funds were allocated to the Level 2 Public Access Program to install publicly accessible Level 2 electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 

DAQ announced the latest of awards through this program in February 2023. Additional awards are being made as qualifying applications are received. See the full list of Level 2 Public Access awards (updated 5-3-2023) for more information.

NC VW Phase 2 Level 2 Public Access Program Summary


Eligible Action Category

Program Funding Amount

Level 2 Public Access Program

Light Duty Zero-Emission Vehicle Supply Equipment




Funding Levels - Level 2 Public Access
Project Type Accessible to General Public Maximum Rebate per Charging Port


(whichever is less)

Maximum % of Total Project Costs*
Government-Owned Property Yes $5,000 or 100%
Non-Government-Owned Property Yes $4,000 or 80%

*NCDEQ reserves the right to partially fund an application based on available funds.

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Activity Date
Release of RFP March 21, 2022
Webinar for new DAQ Grants Management System Users March 28, 2022
Program RFP information session April 4, 2022
Application available in DAQ Grants Management System May 2, 2022
Application closes in DAQ Grants Management System March 31, 2023
Proposal application evaluations As received
Grant awards announced As awarded 


Eligible projects can be submitted by:

  • Incorporated Nonprofit: an organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Federal Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended. The organization must be incorporated under NC law or registered with the NC Department of the Secretary of State.
  • Public school districts.
  • County government agencies
  • Municipal governments and municipal authorities.
  • Tribal government agencies.
  • Metropolitan or Rural Planning Organizations, as defined by the U.S. Department of Transportation at 49 U.S.C. § 5303(b), located in North Carolina.
  • Businesses: corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, business trusts or other legal business entities incorporated in or registered with the NC Department of the Secretary of State.
  • Air Quality or Transportation Organizations: Local or regional air quality or transportation organizations that:
    • own or operate a fleet located or operating predominately in North Carolina, or
    • has partnered with or is acting as a project manager for another eligible entity listed in this section.
  • Federal government agencies: Federal agencies that have custody, control, or management of land within or contiguous to the territorial boundaries of North Carolina.

For full details, read the Request for Proposal.


DAQ Grants Management System Webinar

A webinar on how to request access the DAQ Grants Management System was held on March 28, 2022, for applicants who do not have access to the system. During this webinar, staff discussed the documents required to request access to the DAQ Grants Management System, how to use the built in tutorials once access is granted and how to submit an application. A recording of this webinar can be found on the Grants Management System webpage under Grants Management System Webinars section.

Level 2 Public Access Program Applicant Webinar

A webinar on the Level 2 Public Access Program Request for Proposals was held on April 4, 2022, for interested stakeholders and applicants. During this webinar, staff discussed the RFP and the requirements, answer and questions regarding the Level 2 Public Access Program Request for Proposals and the application. A recording of this webinar can be found in the Documents and Workshops section of this page.


Documents and Workshops

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Before you submit your application, check your eligibility in the RFP.

Download the Level 2 Phase 2 Rebate Funding Calculation Spreadsheet

Download Required Attachments Checklist

This checklist includes all the required attachments for applications.

Helpful Documents

Application Checklist

Additional Resources

Send Questions to DAQ VW Grants

A sample application from Phase 1 data entered into the DAQ Grants Management System and EV Rebate calculator form are provided below.

Example Level 2 Application and EV Rebate Calculator Form


Tab/Accordion Paragraph
January 12, 2023

NC Phase 2 Level 2 Program Public Access webinar

View the recording of the Level 2 Public Access Program webinar held on April 4, 2022.

Download the Level 2 Public Access Program presentation (PowerPoint).

Does a church parking lot qualify under this round of applications? 

As long as the parking lot is available to the public without restriction, then it would be a qualifying project.

Am I understanding correctly that RFPs for Condo units with public access parking will be issued at a later date?

Yes. Multi-unit dwelling RFP will be released in May. To be notified of the RFP release, please make sure you are subscribed to our email list.

Is the NCID for an individual or for the organization?

It should be for an individual.

What is the average cost of a charging station? Also, where do we order these stations?

It depends on a lot of different factors. We recommend you contact some of our partner agencies for assistance.

How do we get latitude and longitude? 

The easiest way is to use Google maps.

What if I am installing chargers in two different locations?  Is it one application or two?

It is up to your preference. You may do one or two applications, whichever is easier for you.

Do the chargers need to be fully operational / installed in order to apply for incentives? Or can you start this process prior to completion of install?

The project should not have started in any capacity prior to an agreement is in place.

Do the three authorized reps get a copy of the submitted application, or only the person with the NCID?

Only the people with access to the GMS will be able to view the application.

Do the chargers allow users to pay a certain amount for using the charger?

This program does allow to charge for charging. The charging system should be up to industry standards and accept multiple payment methods. The decision to charge is completely up to the owner of the charging equipment.

Does each port need to always support 6.6kW or better? If two EVs are plugged into a CT4K unit, the output is about 3.6kW in ideal conditions.

The RFP requirement is 6.6kW.

Where do I find the slides from today?

The VW Phase II Level 2 Charging webpage at the bottom of the page.

Just to confirm, we have to select a vendor you approve?

We don’t approve vendors, but we do have charge requirements.

Do any amenities need to be on-site or close to site for funding similar to the DCFC program?

The Level 2 is different from the DC Fast program. There are no specific amenities requirements.

If a workplace is willing to make the chargers available to public for 12 hours, does it qualify for public?

Yes, it would be eligible for the public access program. If the charging is placed in an area not accessible by the public and intended exclusively employees, then it would be eligible under the Workplace program.

Do you have a list of vendors for level two chargers? I know that you cannot recommend any specific vendor.

No. We do not have a list. Reach out to our public partners.

The financial calculation form provided space for multiple locations; however, the application appeared to only have space for one address.  How would you enter information for multiple locations?

The financial form is the only location where you can include multiple addresses. Make sure to include that information in the application.

Does the parking area need to paved or can it be rock?

No, it can be paved or rock/gravel.

Can you please confirm that each individual (up to three) needs a NCID and the organization completes the EBS form and the NC State substitute W-9?

Each user who needs access to the GMS should complete the EBS form and each organization may just submit one W-9.

Do all three authorized on application need an NCID?

All three authorized users will need a unique NCID.

Our town manages a parking lot that is owned by our local county. How would that work if the town wants to apply for this grant? The town has a 25-year lease with the county for the parking lot.

The town can approach the county and ask them to apply for the chargers. The chargers would be owned by the county. Alternatively, someone from the Town act as a third party representative and participate in applying on the county’s behalf. 

If the county is the property owner, the county would need to be involved in the project/application. Or provide approval of the project in writing to be submitted with the project application.

The NC State substitute W-9 form is for the institution?


If I am applying on behalf of a NC business, do they just need a NCID, or do they also need to set up a GSA account?

A third party representative can be the only one with GMS access on behalf of a business/town/etc.

Are their certain chargers that are allowed or can we select any we want?  Specifically, must the charger allow credit card or e-payment or can they be free to use?

It is up to the organization applying whether or not they charge a fee for using the charger.

Do you need the cost/estimate of the project to file for the incentive?

Yes. There are a variety of costs associated. When you apply, you should include any costs in the rebate calculator as accurately as possible.

Can we pre-load our application prior to May 2, 2022 and then submit on May 2. 2022?

No. May 2, 2022 is the first day access is available to the Level 2 public access application.

Is the list of Phase I vendors available?

No. We do not keep a list of vendors. We recommend you reach out to one of our partner agencies.

How I have submitted the request for my NCID today. How long does it take to get the number?

It can take up to a week to get and NCID. Additionally, it could take a week or longer to get access to the DAQ Grants Management System as much of the approval process is handled by a another state agency. Do not wait until the last minute to request access.

What is your definition of "non-profit"?  We are a POA/HOA and are "not-for profit" but not a 501(c)3.

The definition for a non-profit is included in the RFP.

Does each port need to able to output at least 32A (meaning a 40A circuit) at 208V/240V?

The requirements for the charger specs are listed in the RFP.

What is the history, if you know, of vandalism to these charging stations?

We are not aware of any vandalism to public EV chargers.

The RFP includes requirements for the EVSE enclosure.  Must these charging stations be covered/enclosed?

The standards we are expecting each charger to meet are outlined in the RFP. Spec sheets/charger details should be included as part of the application. The enclosure requirements are for the actual charging equipment not the site location.

How would charging site host agreements factor into this? For example, a property owner does not pay for equipment or installation, only provides the property. Can the equipment owner apply?

The organization that is applying should be the organization that is being reimbursed.

Where can I find a list of the partners you mentioned a few minutes ago?

The list of partners can be found at the bottom of the Level 2 webpage under the application drop-down.

You did say a copy of the questions will be posted, correct.?  This was a very organized and informative session.

Thank you. Yes, a recording of this webinar along with a copy of this presentation will be made available on our website.