Level 2 Charging Infrastructure Program

In Phase 2 of the program, $3 million in Volkswagen funds are allocated to the Level Charging Infrastructure Program. This program is divided into four separate programs and is designed to expand the state's light duty ZEV charging infrastructure network.

Level 2 Charging Infrastructure Program TimelineRFP ReleaseDateLevel 2 State Agency ProgramFebruary 28, 2022Level 2 Public Access ProgramMarch 22, 2022Level 2 Multi-Unit Dwelling ProgramMay 2, 2022Level 2 Workplace ProgramJune 13, 2022Summary Level 2 Charging Infrastructure Program


Eligible Action Category

Program Funding Amount

Level 2 State Agency Program Program

Light Duty Zero Emission Vehicle Supply Equipment


Level 2 Public Access Program $1,070,877
Level 2 Workplace Program $489,544
Level 2 Multi-Unit Dwelling Program $489,544




Organizations that own or operate an eligible location may apply for Level 2 ZEV Charging Infrastructure Program depending on the program. Eligible applicants include:

  • Incorporated nonprofits
  • Public school districts
  • Municipal governments and municipal authorities
  • NC State government agencies
  • County government agencies
  • Tribal government agencies
  • Metropolitan or rural planning organizations located in North Carolina
  • Businesses – corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, business trusts or other legal business entities incorporated in or registered with the NC Department of the Secretary of State
  • Air quality or transportation organizations
  • Multi-Unit Dwellings (MUD) - must serve site with ten or more dwelling units
  • Workplaces - must serve sites with at least five or more year-round and full-time employees; must not be limited to fleet vehicles unless employee and visitor charging is also available on site
  • Federal Government Agencies – Federal agencies that have custody, control, or management of land within or contiguous to the territorial boundaries of North Carolina.

Complete details on application eligibility can be found in each program Request for Proposals when released.

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