Statewide Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Master Plan

The State Water Infrastructure Authority is pleased to introduce "North Carolina's Statewide Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Master Plan: The Road to Viability". 

The nine-member authority was created by the North Carolina General Assembly in 2013 to assess and make recommendations about the state's water and wastewater infrastructure needs. The master plan presents the state's roadmap for viable water and wastewater utilities that safeguard public health, protect the environment, support vibrant communities, and encourage economic development.

The master plan applies broadly to owners and operators of water and wastewater utilities and systems that serve the public. Local elected officials, town and county managers, utility governing boards, customers and stakeholders, and the general public all have key roles in achieving viable utilities. The state's role is to foster long-term viability in three integrated focus areas:

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Organizational Management
  • Financial Management

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