VW Settlement Phase 1-DC Fast Charge Program

DC Fast Charge Program

Applications for Phase 1 were accepted until September 30, 2019. 

Approximately $3.45 million was made available in Phase 1 for Zero Emission Vehicle DC Fast Charge Infrastructure Program. This program was designed to expand the state's ZEV charging infrastructure network along priority designated corridors.


Organizations that own or operate a host site in an eligible location submitted proposal applications for the Phase 1 DC Fast ZEV Charging Program. Eligible applicants included:

  • Incorporated nonprofit.
  • Public school districts.  
  • Municipal governments and municipal authorities. 
  • NC State government agencies.
  • Tribal government agencies.
  • Metropolitan or rural planning organizations located in North Carolina.
  • Businesses – corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, business trusts or other legal business entities incorporated in or registered with the NC Department of the Secretary of State.  
  • Air quality or transportation organizations

Note: This RFP is only for the Phase 1 DC Fast Charge projects. A separate Phase 1 Level 2 RFP was released at a later date. 

For Full details, read the

Request for Proposal

Frequently Asked Questions

Documents and Workshops

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Application Video Tutorial

Before you download the application, check your eligibility in the RFP

Download the Application 

When the application opens in your browser, download and save to your computer using the name format: YourOrganization_ProjectTitle_ZEVDCFast_Application.

Helpful Documents

Register for an NCID

How to create a digital signature 

Additional Resources

Send questions to DAQ VW Grants

The Division of Air Quality (DAQ) conducted several technical workshops across the state to facilitate grant applications for the Request for Projects (RFP) under the VW Mitigation Plan. 

DC Fast Workshop Presentation

Example DC Fast Application

Electric Vehicle Charger Mitigation Measure Tool 

MJ Bradley & Associates - Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Location Identification Tool and Visualization Map

M.J. Bradley & Associates recently added 2,300 miles of North Carolina interstates and highways to the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Location Identification Tool and Visualization Map, created by MJB&A and Georgetown Climate Center’s Transportation and Climate Initiative. This tool includes over 11,000 miles of key plug-in electric vehicle corridors in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic coastal states from Maine to North Carolina.  It can help with evaluating the existing public plug-in electric vehicle DC fast charging infrastructure and utilizes a focused dataset to identify possible suitable locations for future plug-in electric vehicle charging infrastructure development. The tool is free to use. You must register here first.


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DC Fast Awardee Webinar

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How to file a claim for the DC Fast Program

The Division of Air Quality (DAQ) conducted a technical workshop to facilitate reimbursement claims for the DC Fast Program awardees.

March 30, 2021 - DC Fast Program Claims Webinar Presentation

Claims Documentation Checklist