Underground Storage Tank and/or Piping Installations

Installation of underground storage tanks (USTs) and/or piping requires an application (UST-6) to be submitted and approved by the UST Section prior to the UST system's installation. Below are links to documents with information on installation requirements. 

During installation, you are required to have two inspections conducted by the UST Section. The first inspection is of the tank prior to placement in the ground. The second is after installation of the piping but prior to back-filling. You are required to schedule these inspections a minimum of two work days (not including weekends or holidays) prior to the day you propose to commence the activity. Prior to finalizing the schedule of the installation activity, such as scheduling tank delivery and a crane, it is recommended that you contact the inspector so that a mutually convenient inspection date may be arranged on or around your proposed date. Additionally, if you need to obtain a “One-Time Fuel Delivery” for testing purposes after installation, please advise the inspector prior to the inspection date. This authorization can be coordinated during the inspection process (note that overfill and spill prevention equipment will need to be installed). You should provide at least one week notice to ensure your proposed installation date is available and on the inspectors calendar.

Note that inspections cannot be scheduled for weekends or state holidays.

If you wish to use petroleum or another regulated substance as ballast during installation, then you need to follow the procedures outlined in Guidelines for Approval of One-Time Fuel Delivery at Install for Ballasting to receive approval for a one-time placement of a regulated substance in the UST system.

If you did not use a regulated substance for ballast, then you will need to get approval to use petroleum or another regulated substance for line and leak detector testing during the final stages of installation. To receive this approval, you need to follow the procedures outlined in Guidelines for Approval of One-Time Fuel Delivery at Install for Testing.

After the UST system installation is completed, refer to Secondary Containment O & M Requirements for UST System and Components Installed or Replaced after 11/1/2007 for information on the leak detection and periodic testing requirements of each part of the UST system.

Permits and Inspection - Installation Forms

If you have any questions about the installation application process you can contact at (919) 707-8163 or Mickey Roberts at (919) 707-8162 or Matt Mahler at (919) 707-8172.

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