UST Programs and Information

The Underground Storage Tank (UST) Section consists of three branches.

  • The Permits and Inspection Branch issues permits to operate UST systems and inspects UST facilities to ensure compliance with UST statutes, rules and policies. In addition to helping develop and review statutes, the staff provides technical assistance to enhance compliance and prevent pollution. Outreach efforts include educational and training opportunities.
  • The Corrective Action Branch staff trains and provides data to UST owner/operators and consultants through its central and regional offices. The staff oversees assessment and cleanup activities, conducts inspections and makes technical assistance visits. Staff also pre-approve trust fund requests and review claims for technical reimbursement. To reduce risk to human health and the environment, the staff samples wells and monitors cleanup efforts. This branch also oversees the Electronic Document Submittal for the UST Section Corrective Action Branch (see instruction memo). The UST Section is transitioning to electronic data management to enhance customer service, reduce paper consumption and decrease requirements for file space. 
    • Ex Situ Petroleum Contaminated Soil Remediation Program. The staff helps create, review and explain statutes, regulations and policies in addition to informing and training the regulated community about offsite soil remediation issues.  The Branch also issues permits for facilities conducting offsite petroleum remediation. 
  • The Trust Fund Branch administers the N.C. Leaking Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Funds and EPA grants. To do so, the staff oversees trust fund eligibility decisions and fund reimbursements. Staff members also review technology to assess and clean groundwater and soil contamination, and approve innovative technologies for use statewide. 
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