UST Facility Ownership Changes

If you have questions about what you need to do to change UST facility ownership, please call (919) 707-8200 and ask for a UST permitting staff member.

New owners of underground storage tank (UST) facilities must submit a UST-8, UST-15, Financial Responsibility and other supporting documentation of the change-in-ownership of a UST system to the Division of Waste Management, UST Section within five days of the closing of the sale. The change-in-ownership must be finalized with the section within 30 days of the sale date. If the ownership has not been changed with the UST Section within 30 days of the sale date, then the UST operating permit is no longer valid. In accordance with NCGS 143-215.94U, a UST facility must have a current UST operating permit that lists the current owner or operator of the UST facility to place or receive petroleum in any of the UST systems at the facility. The table below contains links to the forms that should be used to change ownership of UST systems.

Operating Permit Application Requirements PDF  
UST-15, Change of Ownership of UST Systems PDF WORD
UST-8, Notification for Activities Involving Underground Storage Tank Systems PDF WORD 
UST Compliance Assistance Program PDF  


  Financial Responsibility Revision Date PDF Word  
  Chief Financial Officer Letter 11/2005 PDF  
UST-FR1 Certificate of Insurance (UST-FR1) 10/2015 PDF WORD
  Certification of Financial Responsibility 10/2015 PDF