UST Guidance Documents


Corrective Action Guidelines Last Change
Guidelines for Site Checks, Tank Closure, and Initial Response and Abatement - STIRA (text and figures)   5/17/2021
UST Section Assessment Guidelines (text and figures)   1/19/2021
UST Section Corrective Action Guidelines (text and figures)   1/19/2021
Guidelines for Sampling (text and figures)   3/7/2022
Comprehensive Tables for Corrective Action Guidelines (tables) (all documents above)   9/7/2022
Comprehensive Appendices for Corrective Action Guidelines (appendices) (all documents above)   6/21/2023
Guidelines for Ex Situ Petroleum Contaminated Soil Remediation   3/10/2023
North Carolina Petroleum UST Release Corrective Action Phase Project Management: A Calibrated Risk-Based Corrective Action Decision & Implementation Guide    6/1/2016
Guidelines for Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA)   3/30/2022


Cleanup Guidance Revised  
Ex Situ Soil Remediation Forms   PDF
Reports and Forms   PDF
GCL Table*  see Comprehensive Tables for STIRA, Assessment Guidelines and Corrective Action Guidelines (tables)    
MSCC Table*  see Comprehensive Tables for STIRA, Assessment Guidelines and Corrective Action Guidelines (tables)    
Guidance on Trust Fund Eligibility for Tank Closures, Initial Abatement, and Corrective Action Excavations 7/18/2016 PDF
Guidelines for North Carolina Action Limits for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) 7/29/2016 PDF
Micro-Purge or No Purge sampling Memo 8/15/2013 PDF 
Preliminary Evaluation of Free Product Memo 2/23/2009 WORD
FP Recovery System Specification Report Format   WORD
Free Product Recovery Program: Stage II 11/6/2009 WORD 
Session Law 2008-195 Intermediate Risk Site Pilot Program Memo 10/16/2009 PDF
Jan 98 MADEP Update (eff. 2/1/2006) 12/7/2005 PDF


Notice of Residual Petroleum
Instructions and Form for Notice of Residual Petroleum (go to UST Forms)
Instructions and Form for Notice of Residual Petroleum with Alternate Land Use Restriction (go to UST Forms)


Memos and Instructions Revised  
Anti-siphon valve requirement at Marinas 3/7/2022 PDF
Improper installation of product pipe manifolds above shear valves guidance 11/13/2018 PDF
Instructions for completing Overfill Prevention Equipment Operability checks and completing the UST-22A form 9/22/2016 PDF
Low Liquid Level UST Containment Sump Testing Procedures 10/2018 PDF
Primary Operator Training Requirements 9/21/2023 PDF
Recommended ways to dispose of small quantities of petroleum and petroleum/water mixtures. 6/2017 PDF


Leak Detection Revised  
Deadline for Using Inventory Control or Manual Tank Gauging with Periodic Tank Tightness Testing 11/21/2013 PDF
Leak Detection Methods for Petroleum USTs and Piping Manual 10/2015 PDF
Manual Tank Gauging for small USTs Manual 10/2015 PDF
New Approval of SIR as a Monthly Monitoring Method 8/2005 PDF
NC Operating and Maintaining USTs Manual 3/2021 PDF
Procedures for Sampling Water Supply Wells near UST Facilities 9/2013 PDF
Remanufactured Leak Detection Equipment Memo 7/2015 PDF


Corrosion Protection Revised    
UST-7A, Cathodic Protection Testing form for galvanic cathodic protection systems   PDF WORD
UST-7B, Cathodic Protection Testing form for impressed current cathodic protection systems   PDF WORD
UST-21, Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System 60-Day Record of Rectifier Operation   PDF WORD
Corrosion Protection Manual 1/2020 PDF  
Procedures for UST systems with inoperative or failed corrosion protection systems 4/13/2021 PDF  
Withdrawal of approval for use of Cathodic Protection Suitability Study (CPSS) and Mean Age to Corrosion Failure (MACF) 6/1/2004 PDF  
Withdrawal of approval for use of 3-phase assessment 6/1/2004 PDF  
Withdrawal of approval for use of Tank Environmental Profile (TEP) 6/1/2004 PDF  
Withdrawal of approval for use of Statistical Corrosion Probability Analysis (SCPA) 6/1/2004 PDF  
Withdrawal of approval for use of Mean Time to Corrosion Failure (MTCF) 6/1/2004 PDF  
U.S. EPA Notice of Corrosion Risks in Underground Storage Tanks Storing Diesel Fuel -      
Notice recommending that underground storage tank (UST) owners check for corrosion on metal components inside their steel and fiberglass underground storage tank systems storing diesel fuel.
Investigation of Corrosion Influencing Factors in Underground Storage Tanks with Diesel Service (U.S. EPA)   PDF  
Corrosion of Metal Components in USTs Storing Diesel and Gasoline-Ethanol Blends (U.S. EPA)   PDF  


Financial Responsibility Revised    
Financial Responsibility Requirements for USTs Brochure   PDF  
Chief Financial Officer Letter   PDF  
Certificate of Insurance (UST-FR1)   PDF WORD
Certification of Financial Responsibility   PDF  
Financial Responsibility Manual 9/16/2013 PDF  
Financial Responsibility Rules (15A NCAC 2O)   PDF  


State Cleanup Funds Revised  
Reasonable Rates page   Click Here
Changes to Commercial Cleanup Fund Reimbursement Procedures 6/1/2002 PDF
Policy Updates and Clarifications 11/1/2002 PDF
Soil Weight Policy - Final   PDF
"What is Pay for Performance?" memo   PDF
Claim Submittal Policy Letter   PDF
Selecting an environmental consultant   PDF
Session Law 2004-124 memo (eff. 10/1/04)   WORD 
UST Determination policy   PDF
Statute of Limitations on filing Eligibility Applications and Reimbursement Claims Memo   PDF
Revisions to Two State Cleanup Fund Processes   PDF 


Federal Cleanup Funds  
Financial Data Request form PDF
Request for Evaluation Assessment and Remediation Technology (ITC) PDF