November 2022 Meeting Agenda

November 16th

3:00     Coastal Resources Advisory Committee Meeting

November 17th

9:00     Commission Call to Order                      Renee Cahoon, Chair

  • Roll Call
  • Chair’s Comments
  • Approval of September 15, 2022 Meeting Minutes
  • Executive Secretary’s Report                 Braxton Davis
  • CRAC Report                                        Spencer Rogers

9:30      Variances

  • New Jack Partners, LLC - (CRC-VR-22-05), Wilmington, quarter-width            Bryan HallChristine                                                                                                                                  Goebel, Esq./Clark Wright, Esq.

10:15    Periodic Review of Existing Rules

  • Rules Review Commission Objections to Re-adopted Rules – Additional Rules For Repeal  (CRC-22-23)       Mike Lopazanski                                                                                                                      
  • Rules Review Commission Objections to Re-adopted Rules         Mary Lucasse
  • Closed Session

12:00    Lunch           

1:30     Public Input and Comment

1:45     Beach Management

  • Additional Amendments & Fiscal Analysis for 15A NCAC 07H .0309 and .0310 - Inlet Hazard Areas         (CRC-22-25)                                                                                                                  Mike Lopazanski
  • Proposed Amendments to 15A NCAC 07H .0306; 7H .0309 & 7J .0210 – Septic Tanks Seaward of the Vegetation Line  (CRC-22-26)                                                                                         Mike Lopazanski

3:00     Shellfish Aquaculture

  • Amendments to 15A NCAC 7M .0600 & 7H .0208 and Fiscal Analysis Floating Structure Policies/Floating Upweller Systems (CRC-22-27)           Daniel  Govoni

3:30     Action Items

  • Consideration of Approval of Fiscal Analysis – 15A NCAC 7K .0207 & 7H .0308 Expanded Exemption for Beach Mats (CRC-22-28)               Mike Lopazanski         
  • Consideration of Approval of Fiscal Analysis – 15A NCAC 7B Land Use Plan Enforceable Policies            (CRC-22-29)                                 Mike Christenbury                                                                 

4:00     Legal Updates                         Mary Lucasse

  • Update on Litigation of Interest to the Commission (CRC-22-30)

4:15     Old/New Business                         Renee Cahoon, Chair

  • Inland Waters Boundary Update

4:45     Adjourn

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