September 2023 Special Meeting Agenda

September 21

10:00    COMMISSION CALL TO ORDER             Renee Cahoon, Chair
•    Roll Call
•    Chair’s Comments
•    Approval of June 15, 2023 Meeting Minutes 
•    Executive Secretary’s Report                              Braxton Davis

10:30     VARIANCES

  • North Pier Holdings LLC - (CRC-VR-23-04), Carolina Beach Oceanfront setback                                                              Robb Mairs, Christine Goebel, Esq./Todd Roessler, Esq.                               

11:15    LEGAL UPDATES         Mary Lucasse


12:00    LUNCH    

1:15    PUBLIC HEARING        
•    Amendments to 15A NCAC 7H .0305 Minimum Growing Season for Vegetation      Mike Lopazanski
•    Amendments to General Permit Time Period Extension                                           Jonathan Howell
•    Amendments to 15A NCAC 7H .0309 Exception for Lots Platted Post-1979           Ken Richardson              •   Permit Fee Increases                                                                                                             Mike Lopazanski 

2:15    OLD/NEW BUSINESS         Renee Cahoon, Chair

2:30    ADJOURN