Stormwater Minimum Design Criteria

Session Law 2013-82 required the Department of Environmental Quality to convene a Minimum Design Criteria team that included industry experts, engineers, environmental consultants, university faculty and other stakeholders. The law tasked the team with the following:
  • To consult with the department in developing minimum design criteria that encompass all requirements for siting, design, construction and maintenance of stormwater BMPs. The minimum design criteria shall be developed with the goal of generating state stormwater permits that comply with water quality standards. DEQ shall submit its recommendations to the N.C. Environmental Review Commission by Feb. 1, 2015.
  • To consult with the N.C. Environmental Management Commission in developing a fast-track permitting process for issuing state stormwater permits without a technical review when all BMPs comply with all MDCs and the permit application is prepared by a qualified individual. The commission shall adopt a fast-track permitting rule by July 1, 2016.

The Minimum Design Criteria Team met monthly from March 2014 until August 2015. Below are materials team members used to prepare for meetings, as well as meeting minutes, work products and other related documents.

Meeting Meeting Prep Documents Meeting Agenda and Minutes
1 - Mar 24, 2014

MDC Team Draft Charter
TRW Products Public Notice
PENC Webinar on Stormwater Updates
Proposed BMP Manual Chapter Outline

 3-24-14 MDC Mtg Minutes

2 - Apr 28, 2014

House Bill 480
Proposed MDC Designation Process
Proposed "MDC Scorecard"
Proposed cover pages for updated Wet Pond Chapter

 4-28-14 MDC Mtg Minutes
3 - May 19, 2014

Current Wet Detention Pond BMP Chapter
TRW Alternative Wet Detention Pond Design Idea
Updated MDCs for All BMPs
Updated MDC Designation Process
Proposed MDCs for Wet Detention Ponds

5-19-14 MDC Mtg Minutes 
4 - Jun 23, 2014

Updated General MDC for all BMPs
Memo on General MDC #7
Updated proposed MDC for Wet Detention Ponds

6-23-14 MDC Mtg Minutes 

5 - Jul 28, 2014

Current Infiltration Devices BMP Manual Chapter
Proposed MDC for Infiltration Devices
Current Stormwater Wetland BMP Manual Chapter

 7-28-14 MDC Mtg Minutes
6 - Aug 25, 2014

Updated MDC for Infiltration Devices
Proposed MDC for Stormwater Wetlands

 8-25-14 MDC Mtg Minutes
7 - Sep 22, 2014

Updated proposed MDC for Stormwater Wetlands
Proposed MDC for Dry Ponds

 9-22-14 MDC Mtg Minutes
8 - Oct 27, 2014

Proposed MDC for Bioretention Cells
Proposed MDC for Dry Ponds

 10-27-14 MDC Mtg Minutes
9 - Nov 17, 2014

Proposed MDC for Sand Filters
Proposed MDC for Filter Strips

 11-17-14 MDC Mtg Minutes
10- Dec 15, 2014

Proposed MDC for Disconnected Imp Surfaces
Proposed MDC for Swales

 12-15-14-MDC Mtg Minutes

OPT - Jan 12, 2015

Proposed MDC for Rainwater Harvesting
Proposed MDC for Green Roofs

 1-12-15 MDC Mtg Minutes

11- Jan 26, 2015

Proposed MDC for Green Roofs Updated
Proposed MDC for Permeable Pavement

 1-26-15 MDC Mtg Minutes

12 - Feb 23, 2015 Guidance for February 2015 Meeting

 2-23-15 MDC Mtg Minutes

13 - Mar 23, 2015 Guidance for March 2015 Meeting

 3-23-15 MDC Mtg Minutes

14 - Apr 27, 2015  

 4-27-15 MDC Mtg Minutes

15 - May 18, 2015  Draft Fast-Track Process

 5-18-15 MDC Mtg Minutes

16 - Jun 22, 2015

Current organization of 15A NCAC 02H
Proposed organization of 15A NCAC 02H
Proposed draft 15A NCAC 02H .1013
Proposed draft 15A NCAC 02H .1015
Proposed draft 15A NCAC 02H .1031 

 6-22-15 MDC Mtg Minutes

17 - Jul 27, 2015

Proposed draft 15A NCAC 02H .1003
Proposed draft 15A NCAC 02H .1006
Proposed draft 15A NCAC 02H .1007
Proposed draft 15A NCAC 02H .1008
Proposed draft 15A NCAC 02H .1009

 7-27-15 MDC Mtg Minutes

18 - Aug 24, 2015

 DEMLR Stormwater Rule Re-Adoption website

 8-24-15 MDC Mtg Minutes